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Published : 05/18/2020 - Upvotes : 26 - Words : 27

Hey ! I'm the SuperHive dev, you can Ask Me Anything !

Hello ! I'm Bambukah, and i'm a developer. ![FloBlackSite.jpeg]( For HIVE, i've already make [SuperHive]( I work on [Authentika]( too. Today i propose you to ask me anything !
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Comments :

hiveqa :
My question is what it is like to develop on the Hive blockchain w/ SuperHive?😀
foxon :
I've noticed you around a few places lately, offering to help dev or showing a project of your own. While your talent is obvious, I wonder about the endgame What is your vision for Hive? How do you see people using it, and what sort of user base do you see in Hive's future?
dexpartacus :
I don't know absoultely nothing about developer's world!😄 Which kind of project are you working on?
hivebuzz :
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