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Published : 05/25/2020 - Upvotes : 76 - Words : 186

[SuperHive] New feature, new theme, new tweaks, and more !

Hello everyone ! After the great feedback I have from the whole HIVE community, here's the new update for SuperHive. Now, you can read the comments for each post ! Just update your code with the [GitHub repo]( and it's done ! REALLY EASY ! Of course, it display text comments and HTML ones. <center> ![screenSuperHive.jpg]( </center> After that, I want a new theme, so welcome to "Journal" Theme. It's a newspaper-like theme and it's really light, beautiful and 100% responsive. You can take a look on the screenshot and view it in live action on my [personal website]( But, it's not finished ! I add small tweaks for better performances and, the last but not the least, I add Words count & upvotes count for each posts ! As usual, if you want to give me your feedback or ask new features, you can leave me a comment. Today, I have a real question for you : > A Wordpress-like blog system, but based on HIVE, Good idea or not ? Why ? (SuperHive is a good start for that) Thank you very much and have a great day ! <center> ![Bambukah banner made by @zord189]( </center>
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bambukah :
For more informations : - SuperHive is really efficient : - SuperHive is HTML 5 compliant : - SuperHive is CSS 3 compliant : Next step is to be compliant with WCAG-AAA & Section508 for best accessibility
hivebuzz :
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